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Outdoor Climbing Gloves

Outdoor Climbing Gloves

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1. The palm is made of non-slip material. Using precision sewing technology, the palm is made of two layers of fabric, which is more wear-resistant and durable.
2. PU leather covers the back part of the glove, the design is more classic
3. The hard shell can protect your hands and joints from harm.
4. The thumb, index finger and middle finger can be touched

1. Carefully stitched, neat stitches, breathable materials and adjustable wrist design provide comfort and support. Reinforced palm protects the hand from impact and abrasion.
2. The enhanced touch screen is equipped with three fingers. Allows you to easily touch the screen and mobile phone.
3. The hard shell protects the finger joints. The thick cotton inside provides full protection while providing high-quality comfort. The new hinged protective shell has a more beautiful design.
4. The wavy line design of thumb and index finger increases comfort and flexibility during stretching.
5. The palm is made of microfiber artificial leather, which is non-slip and has a good controllability.
6. Add a little PU leather to the back of the glove to make the glove design more unique and beautiful.
7. Very suitable for various activities, such as motorcycles, cross-country motorcycles, tactics, BMX, mountain bikes, mountain bikes, bicycles, horseback riding, endurance races, pit bikes, bikers, driving, paintball, hiking , Hunting, motorcycles, electric motorcycles so now.

Product Details:
Material: microfiber, PU leather, nylon.
Color: black, green, brown
Size: S / M / L / XL (Tips: Choose the size according to your palm circumference.)
Due to manual measurement, the allowable deviation is 0.12 (inch)
Note: Middle finger length of glove finger:
S: 8.0cm, M: 8.2cm, L: 8.5cm, XL: 8.8cm, error range: +/- 0.3cm

Package includes: 

1 pair of gloves
And 1 carabiner (not for mountaineering)

                  Size                                           palm face                                          hand circumference

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